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Classes :: Mobactech - Audio, Screen and Video Casting 


February 29, 2008 - Hartnell College Library, Salinas, CA

Sponsored by Monterey Bay Area Cooperative Library System - Technology Committee



We'll use open source and/or free software to learn the basics of:


  • Audio recording and editing with Audacity  (also need LAME encoder to save files in mp3 format)
  • Screencasting with Wink
  • Video editing with Windows Movie Maker  (can't convert to Quicktime .mov format without additional software - see this post for tips)
  • Posting audio and video to blogs and websites



  • Promote your library's resources, events, exhibits.
  • Share recordings of events to extend the reach of those events.
  • Share the history of your library, organization or community.
  • Instructional materials to help users at their point of need.
  • Encourage patrons to create videos about the library or community. Great project for teens!


Resource Pages


Pages with examples of how to embed files on web & blog pages:



Library blogs to follow

The big 3 of library podcasting, screencasting and videocasting.


  • David's Random Stuff - David Free's blog - loads o' stuff on podcasting (and other good stuff too) he's the podcast half of the David and David team.
  • David Lee King - Lots of great stuff here on videocasting, vlogging (and more) he's the video half of the David and david team.
  • LibCasting - Greg Notess' blog with tons of stuff on screencasting.



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