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New York Library Association - Youth Services Section Annual Conference


April 29, 2011

Be All It Can Be: Your Library’s Web Pages for Children and Teens—Learn how to use photos (, slide shows), blogs, videos on YouTube, podcasts, and other technologies to increase the value of the content of your library’s Web page for your young patrons and their families.

Most of the examples shown below have been created using free web based tools that let you create content that can be placed on your web pages with a simple copy and paste of some snippets of code. You don't need to be a programmer to make fun  things happen!

"Containers" for your content

Even if you don't have an easy way to add content to your library's website, you can still have a lively, fun and useful web presence by using any of a variety of easy to use (and often free!) tools.

Fun & Games

  • Jigzone to create jigsaw puzzles. Upload your photo to jigzone, select how many pieces you want the puzzle to break into by default and get a piece of code to copy to your web page. EXAMPLE
  • Mad Virus - free game downloaded from BubbleBox. Code files uploaded to server and snippet of code to have game show up on the page. This game is part of the KidsPort site being developed for Mid-Hudson Library System.
  • Type It - A free Google Gadget that can be placed on your web page. This one was created by aBowman. There are tons of other Google gadgets that you can put on your web pages.
  • PacMan - who can resist Pacman. :-) This and the previous game are on a demo site that I created for this session using Wordpress - free software for creating simple web sites and blogs. NYLA is offering workshops on WordPress. And I teach classes on WordPress also.


  • Family Portrait Day - A project of the Public Library of Charlotte & Mecklenberg County.
  • Remember When - Ipswich, Queensland, Australia. One of my all time favorite library projects. They used a wiki to gather gather photos and stories from the older residents of their town. This would be a terrific multi-generational project.
  • Slide Show of Read Posters on The Unquiet Library blog. Created with 
  • flickr Slide Show - Lackawanna County  (PA)  Children's Library. Note the handy little slide show on the sidebar of the blog. Photos are hosted on flickr. com and by copying a bit of code from flickr, the slide show appears on the blog.
  • Tons more slide show examples - Once you put your photos on flickr, you can use all sorts of other 3rd party tools to create slide shows. This page shows a number of different examples.
  • Big Huge Labs - Use the tools here to create posters, mosaics, name tags, calendars, trading cards and more. These can be printed out and/or put on your web pages.

Books & More


Video is such a fun tool –  many kids and teens love making videos. And it’s pretty inexpensive to do video these days. Buy an inexpensive video camera from Flip & Vado. Edit with Movie Maker (PC) or iMovie (Mac).

  • Flickr is a great place to host short videos. For longer videos check out SchoolTube, YouTube,, Vimeo, TeacherTube, among others.
  • StoryTubes - Children across the country talking about their favorite books.
  • Field Reporter Camp Book Review - Lackawanna County  (PA)  Children's Library.  Videos hosted on (free video hosting service) embedded on the library's blog (also free through
  • Video greeting - This isn't a kids web site, but it's a great example of how you can put a video introduction on your web pages. Lauren recorded this video, posted it to flickr and then copied a snippet of code from flickr and pasted it on the introduction page of this subject research guide. 
  • Screencasts

Create, Express

  • Voki - Animated talking head will speak in your voice or speak your words. (Example: Mrs. Trefz's 5th grade Blog, Library Door)
  • Wordle
    • Great tool for creating images from words. Use for posters, signs, illustrations. Try making games with them Wordle Word Clouds  blog post by Steve Campion talks about ideas for games based on Wordles.
  • Glogster
    • Books with Bite - Glogster is a great tool for creating posters with images, text, hotlinks, audio, video and more.
    • New Tools Workshop - Glogster 'posters' can be embedded on your pages too. Joyce Valenza used this one to create a  colorful and fun entry page for a wiki site (and check out all the terrific 2.0 tools here!)
  • Face Your Manga - Create a manga avatar
  • Meez - more avatar fun

Engage, Connect, Communicate

  • Polls - Great way to get informal feedback and polls are fun.
    • Polldaddy - easy to use polling tool, integrates with other sites.
  • Meebo Chat Widget -
    • Put a meebo chat widget on your screens. Meebo also lets you get IM's over all the regular text messaging networks. Be on their buddy list. (example: Stillwater Free Library)
  • Twitter Badges
    • If you use Twitter to share information about your library, you can put reuse your twitter stream on your website.
  • Social Media Sharing - make it easy for your teens to share stuff they like with their friends.

Homework, etc.

"Inspiration Sites" and more

Just like those great decorating makeover shows that use "inspiration rooms" for ideas, these sites will serve as inspiration for your web site makeovers. I'm sure there are hundreds more out there. Including YOURS!

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