Samples of flickr slide shows and flickr badges to embed on web pages, blogs, wikis.




flickr river badge creator

Create horizontal, vertical and grid badges. Use your own groups and tags to select photos for the badge. Badge can also pull from a flickr group or from specific tags.



pollyalida - View 'My favorites' set on Flickriver



2: flickr Profile widget from BigHugeLabs

pollyalida. Get yours at

flickrSLIDR slide show


Select photos based on user, sets, tags and more. Size of slideshow can be customized.



Created with Admarket's flickrSLiDR.


Created with Admarket's flickrSLiDR.




PictoBrowser Slide Show

click the INFO button at the bottom of this PictoBrowser slide show to set up your own slideshow







Add photos from flickr to a "book", add captions. Book pages turn from corners or double click. I found it a bit awkward to turn pages, but maybe I'm a klutz! Still, a nice application.


Very similar to, provides a few more options for customizing.





Highly customizable javascript based slide show. Looks fairly straightforward to install, but it's not a simple "copy and paste". More control over appearance than some of the simpler tools.



Embed a photo from flickr and retain any annotations in the original flickr photo. Haven't seen anything else that does this!


Jane Goodall\'s Camp