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Library 2.0 & Web 2.0 Overview


Social Bookmarking with


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What is


  • A place to store links to all your favorite websites
  • Online and accessible from any internet connected computer
  • You can access your bookmarks whereever you go
  • You can add to your account from anywhere
  • Add tags to describe and organize your bookmarks
  • Search for web sites bookmarked by others
  • Develop a network of people with useful bookmarks.



How libraries are using

  • San Mateo Library Links arranged by Dewey numbers - uses bundles feature.


More to explore

  • Bundles: Explore the options for bundling your tags. This option is on the Settings page (and at the bottom of your list of tags). Bundling lets you group related tags together in a group, making it much easier to navigate your tags when you list of tags grows. Tags can be part of more than one bundle.
  • Build a network: Find other members that are bookmarking on topics you’re interested in. Add them to your network.
  • Badges/widgets: If you have a web page, you might want to have a list of your bookmarks appear on it. Go to your Settings page and use the Link Rolls option to create code to add links to your web page.
  • RSS magic: If you’re familiar with adding RSS feeds to your web pages, consider how adding RSS feeds for specific tags might be useful. You could create a subject guide that automatically updates itself. Or create a list of resources for a research project. Groups of people could tag items for a project with a unique tag, then use the RSS feed for that tag to gather all the items on one web page.
  • Similar tools: Explore or These are other social bookmarking sites. Each has their own twists on saving information. Furl has the benefit of actually saving the content of each web page you bookmark, so you’ll never (theoretically!) lose the content, even if the original page disappears. connotea,org and are similar services oriented towards scientists.



Learn more about social bookmarking &



Live Subject Guide Tests - RSS meets Social Bookmarking meets Wikis



Example of a "tag cloud"

Click on a keyword or "tag" to see what web sites I've bookmarked on that topic.



















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