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Resource Pages :: Digital Storytelling & Presentation Tools




Image by langwitches - Digital Storytelling- It is not about the Tools...It's about the Skills 


Storytelling and presenting are too intertwined to separate since giving an effective presentation is really all about good storytelling.  This page covers a selection of easy to use tools to help tell stories through photos, voice, video and music.  Use these tools to share personal stories, class projects, creative storytelling, and so much more.  Great for student projects and after school activities. These would also be great tools to cover in a technology series for the public and have them create their own stories to share. Let your creative spirit, imagination and memories loose!  




In A Nutshell:

  • Plan your presentation or story.
    • What do you want to say, what order should your story be told in, who's your audience, what do you want them to know?
    • Students could use mindmapping & storyboarding tools to help them get organized.
  • Explore a variety of storytelling tools and pick the one you want to use.
    • What type of tool is suited to your story?
    • Where will your story appear? Can you embed your final project easily on a website?
  • Find photos, music, sound, video
    • Do you have your own photos, music, videos, drawings, etc?
    • Will you need to find other material that is not copyrighted?  See lists of resources below.
  • Create! And have fun.





Selected Tools!  

1: PowerPoint for storytelling

Used creatively, PowerPoint can be be a powerful storytelling tool. Used badly, it can be deadly, dull and boring. Think creatively! Banish the bullet points! Don't write out your whole talk and put it on the slides! Take a look at this example of a PowerPoint that breaks all the rules, from Joyce Valenza. 


2: Prezi An unusual way of creating a presentation in a somewhat non-linear way. Place text, photos, and other media on a big blank screen. Arrange in the order you want to present it and  add paths to connect all the pieces. Lets you zoom in and out to put focus on different pieces of the presentation. Could be used as a mindmapping tool.


3: Voicethread  Voicethread is an online service creates a slide show with narration and text notes.  Use for student book reviews with their own drawings and narration. Student created stories with photos or drawings. Narrated slide shows of community events. Book talks.

  • Upload pictures
  • Record narration directly to the slide show with your microphone and/or write text notes to go with each slide
  • Allow others to leave audio or text notes in your presentation.
  • Shows can be embedded in other web pages by copying and pasting a bit of code.


Some voicethread examples:


More VoiceThread Resources


3: Animoto Animoto is an easy to use tool to create photo & music video stories. This would be a fun project for an art class. Or to create a video representing how you feel about a book or movie. Upload your photos, arrange the order, select a piece of music and let Animoto do it’s magic. You’ll have a great video slide show with great transitions and effects synched to the beat of the music. 30 second videos are free. Special accounts for educators.


  • Upload your images, pick from selected music clips and let Animoto create a 30 second video for you for free.
  • You can also grab your photos from popular photosharing sites like flickr, etc. (Search for photos licensed under Creative Commons)
  • And you can upload your own music as well. You could try creating and uploading your own narration as the "music" file. 
  • Animoto automatically creates some pretty cool transitions and effects for your photos.
  • If you don't like the result, click on "remix" for another version. The video will change with the type of music selected. (see examples below)
  • Easy to copy code to embed the videos in your web pages, in facebook, myspace and other popular sites. 



  • Free: Make as many 30 second videos as you like
  • $3: for each full length video.
  • $30: create an unlimited number of full length videos for a year. Videos are still available if you let your membership expire. 
  • Educational offer:


  • Cindi Trainor (Eastern Kentucky U) did a great animoto video with photos of library staff. Fun to embed on a web page or research guides page to show students/patrons what you all look like.  
  • Education examples


My Sky Video (the hip hop version) 


My Sky Video (the mellow version) 


Linda's Tech Camp Video 


4: PhotoPeach


Summer in Quebec (and Maine) on PhotoPeach  


5: Kerpoof

  • Create a picture, story or movie
  • Free, online, flash based tool
  • Provides cartoon backgrounds and objects to place on the backgrounds
  • Objects can be resized, rotated and repositioned
  • Create text ballons for thoughts and dialogues
  • Teacher ideas and lesson plans provided

Sample Kerpoof screen



6: Tikatok Students can create online story books using their own words, photos and drawings. Accounts are free for educators. You can set up groups for each class with individual accounts for each student. Books seem to be available only on the tikatok site. No embed codes to put them on your website. Really oriented towards printing the books. User retains copyright on their story using Tikatok, but if you use the "buildabear" story feature, they gain copyright to your story. In collaboration with Barnes & Noble.


7: StoryJumper Another book creation site. Pages can be created from scratch with your own words and uploades photos/drawings. Resources also include many characters, backgrounds and props that can be added to the page. Doesn't seem to have a way to set up multiple accounts for a classroom yet.  Books can be viewed on the StoryJumper site and printed for a fee.


8: Glogster

Mix graphics, photos, videos, music and text into "glogs".  Virtual posters. I haven't used this much yet, but have been seeing some really great uses - posters to promote services, announce events, project presentations and more. Take a look at some examples and think how you could use this free tool.

  • For a great example of a class project using Glogster, check out Buffy’s 11th grade lit project on Thoreau and Emerson.



  • New Tools Workshop - Joyce Valenza used a glog to create a fun start page outlining the content for the workshop day.  (Tons of great tools on her wiki!)
  • Itzak Stern - glog presentation for a film class. Note the embedded music (click on the top right)
  • Books with BIte - Poster to promote a group of books.
  • Cocaine - More meaningful, further reaching than a static poster created only for the classroom wall.



If you have slides in a powerpoint presentation, upload them to SlideShare to share them with the world. SlideShare now has a feature to synchronize an audio file with your slides. I you have a presentation to share with your community or your students have already created PowerPoint based stories, this is a great place to make them available. (The audio needs to be recorded and hosted separately.)



10: Microsoft Photo Story

Free downlaod from Microsoft - I haven't had a chance to test this, but saw a quick demo and it looked quite good.


11: GoAnimate

Joyce Valenza mentions it in a recent blog post and has an example on her blog. I haven't tested it yet, but it looks like a ton of fun. Watch this video to see how it works. Pick from tons of backgrounds and characters, add motions and action, thought balloons or your own voice, upload photos and more. You can create multiple scenes as well. Somehow I'm having a vision of kids creating their own versions of a Shakespeare play, with unusual settings and characters. 


12: VOKI

Create a character, add your voice.  (Voki has added advertising to each widget, not sure if the ads are school appropriate or not - looking for an alternative.)


Paige Jaeger's Voki



"if you can type, you can make movies" I haven't explored this one too much, but it is tons of fun! Pick your characters and give them a voice, select background scenery and sounds. Add camera angles and movement.

  • Use the "Quick Tips" button for a quick tour. It's on the screen where you create and edit your movie.
  • When you're done, you can use the embed code on xtranormal to post it to your web site.
  • Videos can also be posted to YouTube.



Some Online Fun

  • Storymaker - Online version of Magnetic Poetry kit. Fun to play with and create short
  • Five Card Flickr - Pick 5 photos from the 'hand' dealt you. Create an online story to connect the photos.


More information on Digital Storytelling:


Multi-Media, Interactive





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