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SALS :: Blogging 


Workshop sponsored by Southern Adirondack Library System, Saratoga Springs, NY 


Don't forget to participate in the Library 2.0: Choices Along the Technology Curve Challenge




Sample Blogs


Blogs replacing "traditional" web site


Events, news, collections, teens 


Blogs for Librarians - a selection of blogs to help you keep up with keeping up.


Lists of Library Blogs

More sample blogs and places to list your blog so others can see it.


Blogging Tips, Resources & Tools


Additional Blogging Software Options

  • Popular, free blog hosting service. Same software that you're using on the SALS servers.
  • Edublogs  Free blogs for librarians, educators and students. Based on Wordpress blogging software.
  • Blogger  Another very popular and free blogging service.
  • Tumblr    Microblogging - Useful for really quick updates. Great for announcing new resources to teachers and students. Easy to use and has an RSS feed so users can subscribe to your updates. Put the tumblr button on your toolbar for speedy updates. 


Search Tools - Search for Blog postings

  • Technorati - Covers many topics
  • Google Blog Search - Covers many topics.
  • LisZen - Search over 700 library related blogs.
  • LibWorm - Search library related blogs, podcasts and other RSS feeds. Browse by some major topic areas as well.








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