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What are blogs good for?

  • Writing, critiquing, analyzing, research chronicle, journaling, sharing projects.
  • Replace the traditional 'log' notebook. Teacher can review log without student handing it in and being without it while it's being graded.
  • Students are more engaged in the writing process. they have a global audience, parents can be more involved, students can learn from each other, connections with students around the world.


Ways to use blogs:

  • Instructor sets up a blog and post topics for discussion. Students & instructors interact in the comments section
  • Students are co-editors of your blog and can post topics for discussion. Students & instructors interact through the comments section.
  • Each participant has their own blog that they can use for writing, reflection on a project, chronicle of a research project Instructor and other students can monitor blogs and participate through the comments.


Why  let our students blog

(video from Rachel Boyd  - an educator in New Zealand)



Telling the New Story

(video interview with Kathy Cassidy, 3rd grade teacher)

  • "they feel differently about themselves as writers"
  • "they have a global audience"
  • "you have to take little steps"
  • "start with what you think will work for you"




Student Learning projects


Library Blogs


These sites include lists of more blogs to explore


Blogs for the teacher/librarian: professional reading, resources, librarian blogs


More Information about blogging


Blogging tools

  •  - a popular, free, easy to use blogging platform
  • - another popular, free, easy to use blogging platform
  • Tumblr  - Share your words, pictures, videos and ideas quickly. Appealingly simple.
  • EduBlogs - Educator blogging service based on Wordpress
  • Weebly - Blog page & web page all in one.
  • epals - School safe email and blogging.  High school example blog
  • -  Set up a classroom blog and each student can have their own sub-blog.
  • Class Blogmeister -  This blogging service was set up with educators in mind. logs can be password. Set up a blog, add students as participants, review their work before it's posted. 





 For more on blogging: Blogging Resources (on this Wiki)





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