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School Library Tech Camp - Thing : Potluck


All sorts of odds and end


A collection of interesting tools that focus on using media, creating presentations and allow for collaboration. Many of these tools are mentioned in more detail on other pages. See Digital Storytelling, Audio & Video and flickr for more ideas.  Many of these tools let you embed your creation on your web, blog or wiki pages. See the examples below.


Want to explore more new tools?

A tool for brainstorming, organizing ideas, creating organizational charts. Very simple, intuitive and quick to learn.





Another tool for organizing, brainstorming, creating hierarchies. Love the Geistesbltiz feature that let’s you type a note in your Firefox browser search box and it appears on your mindmap. Type a note in your firefox browser search box and it appears on your mindmap. Great for jotting down notes for later.



Build an outline, click a button and it’s converted to a mind map. Save the map as an image. Very simple.



Upload your photos. Add your voice to each slide. Allow others to leave voice and text comments. Special access and pricing for student/school use.  Explore this page for tons of education examples.



Another way to present photos online. Not intended as a collaborative space, but just a presentation tool. Upload your photos, arrange the order, select a piece of music and let Animoto do it’s magic. You’ll have a great video slide show with great transitions and effects synched to the beat of the music. 30 second videos are free. Special accounts for educators.



Create an online poster. Text, photos, video, music, decorations. Posters come to life.

  • For a great example of a class project using Glogster, check out Buffy’s 11th grade lit project on Thoreau and Emerson.




Creates gorgeous word clouds out of the words you enter. Text of a book? Speech? Enter your own words to create a poster.




A place to share your slide show presentations. Upload your powerpoint slides and share them with the world.





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