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Social Bookmarking (with


What is social bookmarking?? helps you:


  • FIND web sites:
  • ORGANIZE your list of web sites:
    • Store links to all your favorite websites online
    • Access your bookmarks from any online computer
    • Add to your account from anywhere
    • Add tags to describe and organize your bookmarks
    • Find others who share your bookmarks (example)
    • Develop a network of people with useful bookmarks (eg: my network)
    • Use RSS feeds to put your delicious links on other websites & blogs. (eg: nys summer reading)


Ideas for library/school use

  • Set up a shared account for group projects, have students add links with annotations and tags
  • Students with their own accounts organizing research resources for their own projects.
  • Students sharing links with others in their networks.
  • Teachers/librarians sharing links for upcoming projects.
  • Set up an account to feed new links to a web page or wiki page (or to RSS news readers). Creates a "live subject guide" - when links are added to, they appear on the web page, wiki, or in the rss reader.


Library & School Examples


Learn more about social bookmarking &


Live Subject Guide Tests - RSS meets Social Bookmarking meets Wikis


For more on delicious:  delicious resources  (on this Wiki)



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