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Videos & Audio (Podcasting)


Video & audio projects offer wonderful opportunities for creativity. Students learn technology skills in using the equipment to record and software to edit. Creativity takes center stage in these projects. Organizational and presentation skills are learned while creating an effective, engaging project. And like so many technology tools, students are excited about creating and sharing their work using these tools.


Media Revolution: How Ubiquitous Video Changes Everything



Examples of audio & video work created by students and/or used for instruction.

  • Voices of the World - Classrooms around the world participating in an audio based project. Each month a new task for the students. Fun stuff!
  • A Ring for Jimmy - first video on the page. Video about doing a research paper, with a fun twist.
  • The Natural - Video trailer for the book. From Springfield Township High School.
  • Snakes and Snowsuits - This students in this class are sharing their learning with the world. They write on their blog, post pictures, create videos and more. This video is about snakes!
  • Watch out for the Silent E - check out how this teacher included a YouTube video in a lesson.  (is there a copyright issue somewhere in this though?)
  • Cheshire Public Library Podcast  - "The Cheshire Public Library Podcast is a teen-driven cultural magazine featuring teen writers, musicians, reviewers, commentators, and more."
  • Room 208 Podcast  -  Elementary school students podcast show
  • Sims On Stage - The karaoke part of this is just plain fun! But take a look at the Stories section. Students can write and record their own stories and showcase them here.


Video Tools

  • Video camera - inexpensive Flip video cams are great. Many digital cameras record video too. Computer webcam. Regular video cam.
  • Video editor - Free options: Microsoft Windows Moviemaker, Mac IMovie
  • Hosting - host on YouTube, bliptv, or other free hosting service. Emed the videos on your web page, wiki, blog.


Audio Tools

  • USB Microphones - $20 will get you a reasonable microphone. Pay more for better quality
  • Inexpensive digital voice recorder to record audio on the go
  • Fast and easy? Try - you can record directly to their site and put your audio online immediately. They used to have a free trial account with limited storage, seems they've done away with that. Still quite reasonable hosting at $8/month.
  • Audio editor - Audacity - free and easy to use.
  • Hosting - host on bliptv, or other free hosting service. Emed the audio on your web page, wiki, blog


Other storytelling tools - tools that let you create your story online.

See: Digital Storytelling page for more info.


More School & Library Podcasts


Podcasts for professional development


Quick "How To" Steps:

  • An idea! This is key!! Perhaps a script, though you don't want to sound like you're reading a script. Be relaxed. You can edit out the 'ummmmsss'
  • Microphone and computer (Or some other way to record and get file to computer)
  • Record with Audacity - Free software for recording and editing
  • Edit with Audacity
  • Export to MP3 - Need LAME MP3 Encoder - get this from audacity - must have it to convert file to MP3 after editing
  • Upload file to web server - your own, your blog space, free hosting service
  • Add the file to your blog and your blog software will take care of making the RSS feed for it
  • Your blog readers can listen from the link in the blog entry
  • RSS feed readers will let people listen to your podcast too
  • And people can subscribe with their iTunes software!




For more on podcasting: Podcasting Resources (on this Wiki)

For more on video editing: Video Editing Resources (on this Wiki)







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