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Library Web Site - what's working well?






Library Web Site - what can be improved?

 Free service (CHC rep) to create mobile web pages.


 Look at:  Half Hollow Hills Community Library site - has link to mobile page as soon as page opens on mobile      device.


Design webpage so it is stripped of eccess code so it is accessible to mobile, blind, deaf users.


LibraryThing - enter ISBNs - links to our cat


WOWbrary - Bibliomation sends info for libraries.  Generates email listing new cat entries. (Terryville site ex.)



Set up iGoogle page/account.  (RSS feeds.)


Feed2js  - use to copy code/link to another site (creates link to bpl from anther site)

               ( can do also, but inserts advertising)(gives explanations)




Directories & Links to/from Community Organizations






What sources are mentioning your library?  Where can you create some buzz? How will you resond to criticsm?


 Under "tools for searching":  subscribe to "vanity" RSS feeds from these sources so we get updates as to what is being said about library.   (Social Mention - try out)


From Social Mention:






LibraryThing local


Connecticut Humanities Council ( newsletter?








 flikr (lab)

LibraryThing (ref)

WebJunction (tmg) (?)

MySpace (YA?)

Blogs:  ???




SEE ALSO:  Library Web Site - what can be improved? (above)





flickr, video, audio?





Test your widgets here





Social Networking








Websites checked or altered:

Google Maps - Ian

Public - Teresa - submitted correct site address, not updated immediately.  and














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