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Resources :: FourSquare


Ideas for using foursquare in libraries




Using FourSquare in Libraries

  • To get started, you do need to sign up for FourSquare. Sign up as an individual, you don't need to reveal much about yourself and you never have to reveal your location to anyone if you don't want to!
  • Then add your library as a venue if it isn't already there.
  • Update/correct contact info and address.
  • Add Tips: check out the coffeeshop, check out a movies, use our free wifi, attend a program. These are things that people can do at your library. Give them a reward for adding them to their "to do" lists and doing them!
    • Add some big events to the tips list, reward the first folks to checkin for the event.
    • Include link to your library web site in the tips. Link to the mobile site is best - if you have one!
    • Add library hours.
  • Add Tags: free wifi, movies, books, music, programs, etc. If someone is in your area and searches for 'free wifi', they'll find you!
  • Try it out with your colleagues to get a feel for how it works. Have some fun with it!
  • Add the widget for your location to your website.
  • For some more info: Foursquare and Libraries – Anything There?)


Rewards for mayor, checking in, games to play, ideas.

  • Set up a whiteboard, mayor of the library gets to recommend a favorite book. Have them write it up themselves when they checkin and see that they're mayor (via: Dave is Here
  • Mayor gets a muffin! I like that one. :) (via: J. Murrey Atkins Library, UNC Charlotte)
  • Prize of a free book for the mayor. (via: Barrington Area Library)
  • Reward users who add tips.
  • Scavenger hunt? Enter a bunch of locations in the library with a TIP that will lead the user to the next location?
  • Town history tour? Add locations with tips that tell the history of some public locations.
  • Gift cards, free coffee, tickets to events, museum passes, free front row seats at a coveted library event, etc.
  • Create your own special badge for multiple checkins at the library. (doesn't seem to be a clear process for doing this right now, but watch for it in the future!)
  • Partner with your community to promote cultural organizations, events, businesses, etc. Create a badge for people who check in at a certain number of locations.
  • FourSquare Business Page - get some ideas of what other businesses are offereing as "mayor rewards" - apparently you can register your reward through this page too.
  • Sending updates via FourSquare claimed library venues - location based alerts 


Blog posts, articles (feed from delicious wiki-4square)



FourSquare Widget via  PlaceWidget


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