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Wikis in Plain English from CommonCraft


Why Wikis?


Wikis are really just easy to edit web pages. No software needed, no downloads, just click on the edit button and away you go. Everything is done online through a browser window. You can have a wiki that only you contribute to or open it up to collaborators and share the work. Wikis save your editing history, so you can go back to earlier versions if needed. And you can download all your content to back it up. I use this wiki as an easy way to share resources for my classes. I can add new resources right in the middle of class if I need to. So handy and so easy!


Uses in Schools:



Core Activity:


This core activity is quick, just sign in to this wiki and create a page you can use during the workshop. This will be a handy place for you to test out embedded slide shows, videos, widgets and other types of content. If you want to explore wikis in more depth, come back to this later and explore the Additional Activities.

1: Login to the wiki


2: Create a new page


3: Edit your page


4: Check out the Insert Plugin options


Additional Activities:



More Resources:


Examples of wikis in schools and libraries


Professional Wikis


More examples of wikis in education are listed on these sites:


Other Collaborative Tools


More Wiki Resources