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School Library Tech Camp - Thing 9 : Audio Recording & Podcasting




Podcasting refers to the 'broadcasting' of audio files through the Internet. Just like a tv or radio show, a podcast is something that is done on a regular basis and made available for listeners via RSS feeds. iTunes is a great tool for subscribing to podcasts. iTunes will check the RSS feed for your favorite podcasts and magically download them, ready for you to listen to. This is the same process that iGoogle and Google Reader use for fetching your favorite blogs and news for you. Those tools can be used to listen to podcasts too, but they're not set up to transfer the files to your mp3 player.


Technically speaking, if you record audio, pop it your web page without an RSS feed, you're not really Podcasting. But let's not be so picky about the meaning!! Your students will get a lot out of recording audio regardless!





Some great podcasts for YOU!


  • The Tech Teachers - "Teachers who talk tech... and a little bit of education"
  • Tech Chicks - "Tips and tricks for teaching 21st century students using 21st century skills from two Texas educators obsessed with anything digital!"
  • Grammar Girl - Makes grammar fun! Really!
  • YALSA Podcasts - ALA Young Adult Library Services Association.


Basic Activity


If you just want to get a taste of what it's like to record audio and place it on your website, try out Vocaroo. It's a free tool that lets you record directly to the web site. No editing of the recording.


  • Connect your headset and go to your computer's control panel to check the sound settings.
  • Visit Vocaroo
  • Create an account
  • Return to the main screen to Record!
  • Click Record, give Vacaroo permission to access your microphone and speak. Really, that's it!
  • When you're done, you can email the audio or post it to a web page.
  • Use the Post to the Internet option, copy the code and paste it into a web page.



Additional Activity


Explore AudioBoo as an easy way to record and post audio. You can record directly to the web site. Or from iPhones and Droids. The recorded audio has an RSS feed, can be posted to other sites like Twitter, Facebook and Posterous. And each 'boo' can be embedded on a web page as well.


  • Go to AudioBoo
  • Set up a free account, check your email for the link they'll send to set up your account.
  • Click on the green RECORD button on the main screen.  A recording window wil pop up.
  • Choose GOT YOUR MIC READY and record your audio.
  • When you're done, fill in the information about the audio and you're all set!
  • When the audio is ready, you'll see options for posting to other sites and be able to get the embed code.
  • Man, is that nifty and easy!




More Resources:


  • If you want to record AND edit your audio, Audacity is the software you'll want to use on your PC. It's free and has lots of features. More information about Audacity and podcasting is available on this page: podcasting on this wiki.




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