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School Library Tech Camp - Thing 12 : Backchannel Sharing




For lack of a better broad category, I'm using the popular term 'backchannel' to describe these tools. These are all tools that can be easily used to share questions, comments, ideas, suggestions, notes, brainstorming, etc. in a group setting. They can be used before, during and/or after a class, workshop or session.


Uses in School 


  • Get more questions from the students, shy students less intimidated.
  • More sharing of expertise and ideas.  
  • Great way to take notes as a group. Ask students to share key points during class sessions.
  • Brainstorm! Use them to share ideas and record thoughts about a project.
  • Surveys: Find out what students know before and what they learned after.  




By now you'll all have posted a note or two to the class WallWisher wall. So try something new from this list of suggested activities.


  1. Post something to the class TodaysMeet livestream.
  2. Set up your own WallWisher wall or TodaysMeet room.
  3. Post a note or question in this Google Moderator session.
  4. Text a message to my Wiffiti board: Text @wif33420 + your message to 87884




Selected Backchannel Tools


Some Tools:


  • Twitter - Obviously twitter is one of the most popular tools for sharing quick comments & questions with many other people. Participants can add a "hashtag" to their comments to help others zero in on just the comments that are relevant to the topic at hand. For example, we could make up the hashtag #slstraining to identify tweets about these sessions.  Twitter can get a bit distracting though with so many other off-topic tweets flying by! And many schools block twitter. We've already covered Twitter in much more detail in an earlier segment.




  • collabstoryTodaysMeet - This is more like twitter, with its stream of questions and comments flowing by, but the stream is private. Setting up a 'room' is free and doesn't require an account. Participants can leave notes and comments without having an account. These rooms aren't public, so others aren't likely to stumble into your conversation. It might be fun to write a collaborative story with this tool.










  • Wiffiti - This is a fun message board tool. Text your comments and they appear on the board. You can also set it up to pull in tweets for a particular hashtag. Board can be viewed in a timeline view or as a 'big screen' message board. Both views let you post a message right from the screen.






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