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Google Tips & Tech Tools Update for Schools!





Before we start >>>> Share what YOU want to learn about today?  <<<<<


It's back to school time! I hope this workshop will help you learn some new tips, tools and ideas that will help you and your students this year.


Today's workshop will be in two sessions:

  • Google Search Tips
  • Tech Tools Update

At the start of each session we'll go over a number of tips and tools in a great big hurry! Then you'll have time to explore the tips and/or tools. And please, do share tips and tools you find useful.


Part I: Google Search Tips





Part II: Tech Tools Update - A potpourri of interesting, fun, useful tools.

You may not see a use for them all right now, but if you know they exist, you'll be able to use them when the need arises. Remember, don't use a tool just because it's cool, use it because it helps you be more productive, helps you teach in more interesting ways or helps your students learn. But don't be afraid to check out new tools when you hear about them, you never know when something might come in useful!



1: Wallwisher - Share thoughts, ideas, suggestions, feedback and more on this free 'bulletin board' service. Free, easy to sign up as creator, users don't need an account. Just click and add your notes.


2: Teaching with Infographics - NY Times Learning Network posted tons of great resources for finding and using infographics.


3: Google Earth - Create tours pinpointing locations from a novel, meaningful locations for a history project, environmentally fragile areas, tours of neighborhoods. Add notes, graphics and audio to go along with the locations.


4: Vocaroo - Handy tool for recording something very quickly. Recording can be saved and embedded on other pages. Saw this used as a way to get short recordings embedded in Google Earth Lit Trip tours. Example: Creating listening tasks from writing tasks


5: AudioBoo - Want to create a series of short (5 minute max) recordings? AudioBoo couldn't be simpler. Students can record book reviews, poetry readings, reports, their own music, whatever! Individual recordings can be embedded on web pages, wikis and blogs. There's also an embeddable player for your whole series of "boos". Example: National Trust (Poetry & Sounds) ,




6: NetVibes - This "start page" tool can be used as a research organizer for students, rss feed reader, resource pages for classes,  Examples: TIGS Library Junior Web World


7: ScreenToaster - This free screencasting tool lets you create short videos that record your computer screen with audio narration. Use it for creating short "how to" tutorials. Download video to your computer, store it on ScreenToaster and upload to YouTube. Lots of options. Easy to embed on your web, wiki and blog pages. Example: Search for a book to Download


8: Readability - So handy, turn off all the distractions on a blog or news article posting. One click and Readability shows you a page with just the content of the article, no ads or extra 'stuff'! Add-on for Firefox. Go to their website and test it out!


9: LiveBinders - Handy tool for organizing a bunch of websites for easy presentation and navigation. Gather resources for class sessions. Share with students & teachers. Bookmark on browser toolbar makes it simple to add sites to your LiveBinders. Examples: The Changing Earth, Tools Update Workshop (this workshop!)


10: Aviary - Where to start? We could spend a week on Aviary! Free suite of 'creation' tools. Photo editing, audio editing, music creaation and more. Don't try this one first, you won't want to play with anything else! :-)


11: kwout - Handy for capturing a section of a web page and creating an image that can be embedded on your own web, wiki, blog pages. Example: kwouts add visual appeal to The Unquiet Library blog


12: Evernote  - Never lose your notes and tips and ideas and scribbles and photos and .... again. After you install it on your computers and smartphone, then you can add notes from anywhere. Everything is synchronized with your account online and everything is accessible from everywhere. Wow! Set up folders to organize information, folders can be private or shared. Great for students gathering research notes.


Where to look for more 'stuff'? In no particular order: 








What did you learn today?





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