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Tech Tools for Digital Storytelling, Presentations & Library PR







Storytelling and presenting are too intertwined to separate, since giving an effective presentation is really all about good storytelling.  In this workshop we'll cover a selection of tools to help tell stories through photos, voice, text, video and music. 


Storytelling is at the heart of so many activities. We use it as an advocacy tool, to share our personal stories, to preserve the history of our community, to present classroom assignments and research and so much more.

The tools we'll cover here will be useful for schools and all types of libraries. Use them kids & teens in classrooms. school and public libraries.  These would also be great tools to cover in a technology series for the public and have them create their own stories to share. Let your creative spirit, imagination and memories loose!  


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Workshop Agenda:

In our workshop we'll :

  1. Overview & Examples: View & discuss examples of digital stories and presentations made with a variety of tools
  2. What's YOUR Story: Select & outline a story idea that you'll work with during the day
  3. Find Media: Use search tools to find Creative Commons licensed media for your story project
  4. The Tools: Have fun creating stories with a variety of digital tools. You pick what you want to try out!



1: Overview & Examples




Commercial Stories:


Library Stories, Reports & Advocacy



Personal Stories


Community Stories


Events, Promos, etc.  


School Projects, Kids & Teens



And more.... 





  • Student & Teen program ideas: 
    • Book trailers using photos and audio.
    • Presenting findings from a science lab.
    • Slide show of a classroom event
    • Present art work with audio of student explaining the work
    • Creative writing - story and pictures.
    • Autobiography - "my life so far" :-)
    • Students introduce themselves to the class at the beginning of the school year. These could make a fun time capsule if done annually. 
    • Presentation of research project
    • Virtual Walk through your neighborhood
    • Finding geometry in things around us. Take photos and explain
    • Vocabulary - acting out words with photos, video, audio 
    • Teen Read Week - book trailers,  "my life so far" creations
    • Six Word Memoirs
    • 5 photo stories - tell a story in 5 photos.   
  • Community members
    • history of an event in the region or a story of their neighborhood.
    • What my library means to me. 
    • Families - share stories of "back when I was a kid" :)
    • StoryCorps types of interviews to record personal histories. For Tips Check out the StoryCorps DIY page.
    • "My favorite books" - use pinterest to 'collect' cover images from catalog.
  • Libraries
    • Flickr slideshows of events, easy to turn into animoto video
    • Story of the library
    • Use a curation tool (like Storify) to keep track of an ongoing story in your library, town or region. Embed it on your library website.
    • Highlight new 
    • Highlight student, group, patron of the week. Audio and photos. 
    • Chronicle an event through news stories, tweets, photos using a curation tool
    • PR for upcoming events
    • 6 word memoirs 










 So, what's YOUR story?







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