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Workshop :: Digital Storytelling & Presentation Tools


Your Turn!


1: What's YOUR story?


storytelling : digital changes how but not why




Why do we tell stories? To share an experience, to teach a lesson, to create community, to share our history, to entertain, to convey meaning, to sway opinions, to share a message.


What story will you tell? Think of a story that you want to work with today (or several). Don't worry about making a masterpiece, but focus on exploring the technology.


  • Somewhere you've traveled or always wanted to go
  • Memories from childhood - a favorite time with family, a sad time,
  • Favorite foods and recipes
  • If you could be a character from a book, who?
  • What period of time would you love to have lived in?
  • An emotion
  • Use five card flickr to get inspired
  • FlickrPoet - type in words, get back a collage
  • Phrasr - type in words, get back a collage 
  • Once Upon A Time Card Game - Story idea generator


2: Researching, Organizing, Outlining


We won't spend too much time on this aspect today, but it's a very important part of the process. Especially if you are working with students. Storytelling addresses many skills including: visual literacy, technical skills, reading & writing, organizing & communication skills.


  • Plan & Researching your presentation or story.
    • What do you want to say, what order should your story be told in, who's your audience, what do you want them to know?
    • Researching the subject of the presentation
    • Preparing a script for narration
    • Gathering information to annotate photos
    • Students could use mindmapping & storyboarding tools to help them get organized.


  • Decide what storytelling or presentation tools to use.
    • What type of tool is suited to your story?
    • Where will your story appear? Can you embed your final project easily on a website?


  • Find photos, music, sound, video
    • Do you have your own photos, music, videos, drawings, etc?
    • Will you need to find other material that is not copyrighted?  See lists of resources below.


  • Create! And have fun.


Some helpful tools

  • Paper and pencil! :-)
  • WorkFlowy for taking notes and outlining.
  • USB drive to save media file
  • Free DropBox account to save media files. (disclaimer: if you sign up from that link, I get more free storage.)
  • Evernote for gathering resources
  • Brainstorming tools like Popplet, Mindomo,
  • Padlet for some collaborative brainstorming
  • StoryboardThat -  Create short storyboards for free. 
  • Storyboards - an example of a storyboarding process









 Next Step: Find Media!







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