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>> BOCES SLS - Digital Research Tools - 2: BACKCHANNEL

November 19, 2011 - Fishkill NY


Backchannel Tools


What's a back channel?

Backchannels are digital forums that let participants share their ideas, notes, questions and answers. Backchannels are often used during conferences and meetings to share what speakers and participants are discussing. Twitter is probably the first tool that comes to mind. But there are many others.


Backchannels give everyone in the room a voice, even quiet students are likely to participate.

"This backchannel was a huge success!  Even my quieter students that rarely participate in class were sharing ideas as we reviewed the key elements of a community in an attempt to create a definition of “community.”  Students quickly figured out that they could ask questions of their peers and respond to questions too.  They were reading, writing, and thinking"
(source: Backchanneling In Grade 1 | A Primary Blog For The 21st Century )


Examples of uses in schools















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