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CVES BOCES SLS - Digital Research Tools 

November 30, 2011 - Plattsburgh, NY


Before we start: Share what you want to learn today?


(Image courtesy of Michael Stephens -

The Hyperlinked School Library)


This is the best time in history to be a teacher-librarian. Major shifts in our information and communication landscapes present new opportunities for librarians to teach and lead in areas that were always considered part of their role, helping learners of all ages effectively use, manage, evaluate, organize and communicate information, and to love reading in its glorious new variety. 


A school’s teacher-librarian is its chief information officer, but in a networked world, the position is more that of moderator or coach, the person who ensures that students and teachers can effectively interact with information and leverage it to create and share and make a difference in the community and beyond.   14 Ways K–12 Librarians Can Teach Social Media by Joyce Valenza


Some background

School Library Learning 2.0 Tech Camps are one and two day immersions in technology tools and and  opportunities to explore ideas for integrating technology into the curriculum.  These sessions offer school librarians an opportunity to explore a variety of online tools & services that will help them work more efficiently, improve their library's online presence and enhance student learning.  This Research 2.0 Workshop will give you a chance to explore web tools that will help you and your students take a new approach to research projects, one that involves collaborating and sharing.



Explore Student Portfolios

Student portfolios from the Media 21 Project run by Buffy Hamilton & Susan Lester - Creekview High School

And more portfolio examples:




Helping Students Find Information




Managing the Information Flow  




Organizing Everything

     Videos to show:







Getting Feedback & Connecting With Others


More tips & tools

  • Readability - Browser bookmarklet that turns a cluttered busy web page into an oasis of calm. Strips out all the busy junk and displays the text only in your own customized format.
  • InstaPaper - Adds a Read Later bookmarklet to your toolbar. Find something you want to read, don't have time? Click Read Later and come back to it. Apps for iPhone. (I use the HardCopy app on my Android phone.)
  • kwout - Handy way to clip a bit of a web page for display on another web page, wiki or blog.  Takes a screen shot of the area you select and gives you code to embed that image on your page.
  • PDFmyURL - Turns the current web page into a PDF file for sharing or printing.
  • FireShot - Free addon for Firefox takes screenshots and lets you crop and do simple editing. 
  • CaptureFox - Free Firefox screencasting tool captures whatever is happening on your screen. Can also add audio. 



Resources, Readings, Ideas, Tools


Where to look for more 2.0 tools - in no particular order: 









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