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HFM School Library Learning 2.0 'Tech Camp'



Search Tools:  Google and more

    • SweetSearch : Terrific search engine that searches 35,000 sites that have been handpicked by educators. Shows search terms in context on the results page. Snippets of the content can be selected and sent to a google doc and shared in other ways as well.
    • SweetSearch 4 Me : Search engine for emerging learners.
    • KidRex : A Google custom search designed just for kids.
    • Twurdy : A Bing based search tool that assesses readability before displaying results. Results are highlighted to indicate reading level.
      • Google provides a similar option for limiting to basic, intermediate and advanced reading levels. The option in on the left sidebar under More Search Tools.
    • Power Searching with Google : Google's recent online class with lots of searching tips and tricks.
      • TIP: Want to speed up the videos? Go to, opt in to the HTML5 Trial. Then each video will have an Settings option to change the speed. Turn on the closed captioning since the audio will be a bit wonky.


Improve Access: Make it easier for students to access the "good stuff" 

    • Google Custom Search : Have a bunch of websites that you want students to explore? Create a Google Custom Search that will search just the sites you specify. Great way to help them focus on selected resources.   Search box widgets can be embedded on your web pages, wikis and blogs.
    • Databases : Make it easy for students to access your databases through the search widgets provided by the vendors. Check vendor sites for code to create widgets. Easy to do!!
    • Shortcuts for Finding Primary Sources : The Library of Congress has terrific collections of primary materials. This is the 1st in a series of posts with tips on finding materials. "The Library‚Äôs online collections are not encyclopedic, so knowing their strengths will save time and help you to find primary sources.  Most of the digitized items were created prior to 1923 or were created by someone working for the federal government as part of the job, and most of them document American history and culture."
    • Docs Teach : The National Archives (US) is home to rich resources. This part of their site provides access to documents, lesson plans, templates for creating activities and more. 


 Create Collections of Resources Use these tools to collect and share resources with students. Have students use them to help organize their research resources. 




Workshop Topics:  

Conversations, Communities & Personal Learning Networks | Organizing, Brainstorming, Notetaking | Curation | Search Tools & Improving Access | Presentations & Storytelling  | Writing  |   Reading & Vocabulary |Etc. | More Resources | Main Workshop Page




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