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  • If you are citizen of an European Union member nation, you may not use this service unless you are at least 16 years old.

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Personal Knowledge Management: Evernote, Dropbox & More



Today's Meet for sharing tips, ideas, questions - say hello and introduce yourself! 







50 sec intro to Evernote



Evernote Resources


Evernote Basics

  • Notes : Notes are the core of Evernote. A note can hold text, audio, images, PDF files, documents and more. You can have up to 100,000 notes in your evernote account. Each note can be up to 25 MB in size (Premium 100MB)
  • Notebooks: Organize your notes into notebooks of related notes. Notebooks for projects, for home, for work. Whatever works. You can have up to 250 notebooks. Each note can only be in one notebook at a time. Just like a filing cabinet. Kind of restrictive really. 
  • Tags: Keywords to help you locate your notes. You can use as many tags as you like. Some people skip the whole idea of notebooks and just assign notebook-type names as tags. This makes a lot of sense for retrievability.


How Evernote Works

  • Synchonizing : Whether you add a note on your Android, iPad, Mac, PC or another supported device, all your content is synchronized back to your web-based storage at Magic. Never lose your notes again.
  • Adding Content : Clip a web page, highlight text in an article, take a picture, record audio, write text, upload files, scan documents, email notes to your private Evernote email address - content can be added in many ways.
  • Searching : Built in search looks for keywords anywhere in your notes and tags. It can even find words that may have appeared in an image. Text searchable images, magic. Premium users can also search the content of their uploaded PDF files.
  • Interfaces : Important to keep in mind that the EN interfaces vary from device to device. The desktop PC version is very different than than the iPad app.
  • Share : Notes and notebooks can be shared. Free accounts can have public content that is "view-only".  Premium users can also allow others to edit content.


Articles, Tips and Tricks



  • Remember people you meet! Take their picture and nametag at a conference
  • Business cards - Scan them, toss them, the text will be searchable in EN
  • Scan artwork, your kids artwork that is - Scan those bits of artwork that they bring home and then you'll always have them. 
  • Pics, Pics, Pics - Use the mobile apps photo option - take pictures of items in stores w prices to compare later. Nice wine at dinner, pic of the wine list or the bottle label. Library display & layout ideas, design inspirations, signs for businesses, flower ideas (include the labels), museum exhibit signs to read in more detail later, book covers for your "to-read" list, etc, etc. 
  • Recipes - clip recipes from webpages, scan from magazines. Tag them, use folders and stacks to organize. Add your own variations. Add notes about when you served them, menus, etc. Share recipe folders with friends.
  •  Reading Articles - Read articles using Clearly addon, highlight sections. Article and highlights are saved to your account.  


More Tools


















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